Suzi and the loop is a small collection of

handcrafted knitwear essentials.


All products are made from the finest, natural Italian yarns, knitted on hand knitting machines in Germany.

For the love of crafting, natural materials and the good feeling of wearing super soft, timeless and high quality knitwear.

Feel good knitwear


Suzi and the loop is all about feel good,

soft and well made knitwear essentials.

For her precious, hand made knitwear pieces, Susanne exclusively works with the best natural materials.


Cashmere, merino, linen, silk, mohair and alpaca.

 To make such high quality, sustainable knitwear, Susanne sources her precious yarns from the best Italian spinning mills. They have a long tradition and expertise in processing these delicate raw materials.


This not only guarantees the highest yarn quality but also the enforcement of the highest environmental standards for the dying process under European law.


Feel good knitwear in every aspect —

from the yarn, to the crafting, and up to feeling comfortable and confident wearing your favorite knitwear.


Susanne creates handcrafted bridal knitwear pieces that are produced individually upon order.


See more about her process here.

She collaborates with bridal ateliers

and concept stores.

Contact her for your wholesale request.

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